Chromium on OpenBSD!

The new distfiles have the Courgette source code and MPEG-LA licensed codecs removed.

Based on FreeBSD work by Sprewell

March 29: Chromium-5.0.539.0 working!

i386/chromium-5.0.359.0.tgz (pkg_add.. built against 4.7ish)
amd64/chromium-5.0.359.0.tgz (pkg_add.. built against 4.7; needs more testing)

Or download the port (not yet committed to OpenBSD CVS)

Known issues: shared memory not released in crashes, use ipcrm; some extensions crash; no sandboxing
Unknown issues: some amd64 machines are still problematic, with crashes - debugging help needed!

Old info below:

The distribution tarball is rolled/stored on my site and trimmed down as much as possible, since the original code is 2-3GB. The tarball also includes all of the patches already :) I've been slowly submitting various small pieces upstream for months, but now there is one big jumbo patch of ifdef's etc. that is being separated into pieces for the purpose of upstream submission. Until then, since I have to roll a custom tarball anyway, might as well have them included in it (otherwise we'd have 500+ patches in the ports tree that are a nightmare to manage).

There are some major hacks, for example the binary must live in /usr/local/chrome/chrome... more details on that later (as I'll recruit some people to help w/ cleaning up some of the hacks perhaps). Don't worry, the package will install there by default (with a wrapper in /usr/local/bin). This is work-in-progress, so it may crash and burn, let me know if it does (or preferably, fix it).

Download the port (getting the up-to-date port from the OpenBSD CVS now): chromium.tar.gz

-current package for i386 (16MB), Dec 17: i386/chromium- (pkg_add should suffice)

-current package for amd64, Dec 17: amd64/chromium-

Distro tarball (141MB):
chromium- ( mirror, here's a backup.)

Known issues/things to do:

  • Check the pkg/MESSAGE for instructions about cranking shared memory limits and max fd limits... otherwise you may run into problems
  • No sandbox yet.. we can use systrace eventually
  • The 64-bit debug build triggers on some sizeof(type) mismatches in a debug-only assert... this should be fixed as it looks like a real bug (but the release build seems to run along fine).
  • amd64-only: for some people, it crashes with what looks like this bug
  • Font selection has some issues with other languages (eg.
  • If there's a crash, shared memory may not be released... ipcrm
  • Mandatory screenshot:

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