Musala (Moussalla), Bulgaria, July 4 2005

Scrambled to the top of Musala (2925m) from Borovetz village.

  the trail the trail  



  a curious deer.  



  the mud begins  

  the trail! oops, the trail is a creek  



  the trail with Musala in the distance Musala on the right  

  creek crossing  

  the huts the old hut from 100+ years ago  

  going over the little nub  

  looking back at the huts next set of lakes  





  getting close  

  a dog guarding the weather station Ledenoto ezero (Ice lake) - has ice, too!  

  Ledenoto ezero again  


  there is a weather station building at the summit... looking down through the fog the height is documented!  


  scary shit  

  i waited long enough for it to clear on the other side!  




  yummy stuff comes out of the kitchen these waterfalls are the trail  

  the trail/creek