Gap Mountain, July 30 2005

  the ridge of Elpoca Mtn  

  the ascent gully is quite nice!  



  this stuff was nasty going down, but sweet fun running down  

  approaching the pass between Gap and Elpoca  



  eyeing the ascent route (looks intimidating eh)  


  the steep chute underneath the crux the crux  

  Nayden scrambling on steep terrain  

  Mt Rae Nayden at the crux  


  this is tons of fun!  



  Nice view of Highway 40 and Highwood Pass  

  amazing panorama about to unfold  

  one of the final traverses before gaining the ridge  

  the amazing panorama unfolds: Kananaskis Lakes Kananaskis Lakes  

  The false summit  


  Cannot get enough  

  Mt Rae + the highway  

  behind, Warrior Mtn + Waka Nambe  





  Spray Lakes road/highway 40  

  signing the summit register  



  trying to see tiny people with binoculars with binoculars Spray Lakes Rd and Assiniboine behind  

  Ritter Sport shot!  

  Ritter Sport shot! Warrior Mtn + Aster lake valley descending from the summit  




  approaching the crux on the way down  





  back to Lola!  






  white hair from the gravel  


  gotta celebrate!