Germany, June 21-22 2005

Bad Homburg (North Frankfurt) and a Rein river tour with rental car, including Koblenz

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  June 21: Bad Homburg (Frankfurt)  









  June 22: Rein tour with rental car  

  Golf 5 1.9 TDI  

  Enjoying this a bit too much!  

  driving along the road next to Mosel river  






  Burg Eltz Burg Eltz  

  Burg Eltz Burg Eltz Burg Eltz  





  the Golf - a thing of beauty :)  

  another Burg  



  another burg  



  found a place to park in Koblenz  



  where the Rein and Mosel rivers join - confederation square thing  

  Mosel Germany confederation statue  

  Rein Mosel (left) and Rein (right) joining  

  wandering Koblenz streets  


  each traffic light in this province is like this. funny  

  beware the squirrels!!! Lorelai sang here