Mount Joffre, Kananaskis, August 20-21 2005

A weekend with Nayden, Chester, Marta and Enrique

Me and Nayden hiked into Aster Lake on Saturday in much-appreciated cool weather and went up to Warrior glacier to play around. When we got back to camp we got worried the rest of the group had not shown up, but they arrived a little before dark. In the meantime, a grizzly walked less than 20 meters from our tent which entertained us for a while. Note to future campers: this area is definite grizzly territory and proper cooking location and food placement is very important. Grizzly encounters have been commonly reported here so use care.

We ate dinner, and we all agreed to get up at 04:30. We got up leisurely, made breakfast and headed on our way by 05:30 for Joffre. The conditions were perfect hard snow and we summited at 11:00 without difficulties and descended and got off the glacier by 12:30. Chester and Marta did not want to call it done yet and kept going for Cordonnier and Warrior. The rest of us had to make it back to the city that day, and after the hike back to camp we enjoyed the sunny afternoon there resting, eating and hydrating, after which we hiked out to the parking lot before 20:30 at a fast pace. A very fun weekend!

  over 27kg of gear Hidden Lake  

  Fossil Falls  





  this has to be one of the bathrooms with the best view in the world Aster Lake Aster Lake  

  Left to right: Petain, Marlborough, Joffre Mount Northover  

  Joffre Aster, Hidden, and Upper Kananaskis lakes  






  Mangin glacier under the Warrior/Cordonnier col  

  Warrior playing around  


  new crampons Nice view: Aster, Hidden, Upper Kananaskis lakes from the glacier  

  The ridge to Warrior Warrior  


  funky cloud above Mount Sarrail Enrique's boots, source of many jokes over the weekend  

  duct tape commercial, anyone? Sunday sunrise Chester and Enrique, close to the base of the glacier  

  roping up for glacier travel  







  clean air is bad for Enrique, but he has the fix!  

  clean air is bad for Enrique, but he has the fix!  

  almost at the summit!  









  glee bunny  

  a baloon flew above us with something attached to it a baloon flew above us with something attached to it  

  Mexican powerbar