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    Welcome, you seem to have stumbled upon my home on the Net.

    Who am I?

    I was born in Bulgaria where I lived most of my life. I moved to Calgary, Canada and lived there for 7 years. I went to the university there and got a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. Now I live in California, working for Google, surrounded by great people. I have dedicated a lot of time hacking on OpenBSD - a free operating system with focus on security, simplicity and code quality in which I strongly believe. I've been a developer with the project since 2001, and it has been an amazing experience.

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  • When I am not hacking on the computer, I am usually found in the mountains. I love the challenge and peace associated with climbing and in the summer I rock and alpine climb. In the winter I normally ice climb and ski. A big part of this website is dedicated to all of my mountain photos that I've taken on many of my trips, so check out what I have been up to recently. You can see some of my favourite shots I have collected here.

  • I also love to mountain bike, and love technical rolling single tracks. I get as much pleasure burning my legs on an uphill grind, as I do going down. I also enjoy hiking and backpacking, as well as running to keep in shape.

  • I enjoy listening to electronic music and going out to a club once in a while to see a good DJ. Checking out nice restaurants and bars and socializing with friends is fun too.
  • Chubby (me) after a long day on Polar Circus

  • I used to own an old Toyota LandCruiser, which was an obsession. I loved working on it myself, as well as driving it off-road, exploring the huge Canadian wilderness. This truck has made an endless amount of trips to the Ghost, one of the premier climbing destinations around Calgary, which is conveniently situated off the major roads. The LandCruiser page remains as a memory to Lola.
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