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      June (Switzerland)
      March (local)
      April (NY, MD, local)
      January (Snow, Monterey)
      February (Snow, Loreto Baja)

      November (VL, Red Rocks)
      December (VL, Half Moon Bay)
      September (VL, Shelter Cove)
      October (Sardine, Mammoth)
      July (VL, Sonoma, Montana)
      August (MT, AB, WA)
      May (Sonoma, Bend, TX)
      June (Sonoma, SF, VL)
      March (VL, Truckee)
      April (SoCal, St George)
      January (VL, Truckee, SF)
      February (Joshua Tree, VL)

      November (VL, Alabama Hills)
      December (Truckee, VL)
      September (VL, Truckee, Oxnard)
      October (Tuolumne, Molybdenite)
      July (Yosemite, Truckee, McCall)
      August (Redfish, Blacksmith)
      May (VL, Truckee)
      June (VL, Webber, City of Rocks)
      March (VL, June Mountain)
      April (VL, Truckee)
      January (Mexico, Virginia Lakes)
      February (VL, June Mtn, Squaw)

      June (Switzerland)
      Sea Ranch, January
      Rest of January

      Redfish Lake, Idaho
      Canada/Tsuniah Lake
      June photos
      Puerto Penasco, Mexico
      May photos
      March photos
      April photos
      January photos
      February photos

      New Year's eve
    December 30-Jan 1
      B&Z Bday/east side
    September 29-October
    November 21-27
      Oakland Zoo/Napa/local
    September 22-24
      Bodie and Zoe 2-year photoshoot
    September 19
      Webber Lake
    August 26-27
      Labor Day
    September 2-4
      Donner summit cragging
    August 12
      Virginia Lakes and Bodie
    August 19-20
      Redfish Lake, Idaho
    July 22-28
      Saddlebag + Virginia Lakes
    August 5-6
      Tuolumne, Virginia Lakes
    July 1-4
      Airshow, Shirley Canyon
    July 8-9
      City of Rocks, Idaho
    May 20-24
      Black Wall celebration
    June 24
      Dunderberg ski, Virginia Lakes
    May 13
      Spring various
      Lake Run, Tour d'Euer
    March 25-26
      Sedona AZ
    April 6-10
      SF weekend
    February 25-26
      Mammoth XC/Mono Lake
    March 18-19

      Flying Highlights
      New Year/First week of 2017
    Dec 30-Jan 2
    December 24-26
      Castle Peak
    December 26
      Virginia Lakes ski
    December 17
      Christmas powder
    December 24
    November 20-22
      Early Winter
      Virginia Lakes skiing
    November 5
    October 28-31
      Faucherie Lake
    September 24
      Flight to Canada
    October 2-9
      Redfish Lake/Elephant's Perch, Idaho
    August 21-28
      Tuolumne and Virginia Lakes
    September 17-18
      Tsuniah Lake, Canada
    July 6-9
      Sardine Lake/Big Chief
    June 17-19
      Flying various
      May 18, 2016
    ski+bike+climb trio
      Zoe and Bodie - 6 months
    April 6
      Virginia Lakes/Bridgeport
    April 16-17
      Castle Peak
    March 24
      Spring skiing various
      Joshua Tree + Death Valley
    February 24-March 1
      Hawaii (Big Island)
    February 8-15

      Tuolumne with the kids
    October 25-26
      Week before birth
    September 20-28
      Mt Conness, SW Face
    July 26
      Truckee airshow
    July 11
      Memorial weekend
    climbing/hiking, May 22-25
      Wyoming/Idaho road trip
    fishing/climbing/SUP, June 14-26
      Ski offsite
    various, March 6-8
    various, March 16-20
      Sugarbowl to Squaw
    ski, February 16
      Alpine County
    flying, February 15
      New Zealand
    various, December 24-January 10
      Coldstream Canyon
    ice climbing, January 17

      Mt Judah
    bc skiing, December
      New Zealand
    various, December 24-January 10
      Castle peak
    bc skiing, December 13
      Flying to Monterey
    flight, November 15-16
      Tuolumne in November
    rock climbing, November 8-9
      River Rock + Kings Beach SUP
    climb+SUP, October 18-19
      Third Pillar of Dana, SUP'ing
    rock climbing, September 20-21
    flying/other, October 10-13
      Sunspot Dihedral, Incredible Hulk
    rock climbing, September 6-7
      Labor Day
    various, September 1-3
      Patricia Bowl + Lucky Streaks
    rock climbing, August 16-17
      Black Rock City and Chico fly-by
    flying, August 23-24
      Lover's Leap + Woodfords
    rock climbing, August 9-10
      Flying various/more
    flying, April 14, August 13
      Keeler Needle
    rock climbing, July 25-27
      City of Rocks/Stanley Idaho
    climbing, fishing, June 28-July 7
    flying, June 20
      Flying to Palo Alto
    flying, June 23-24
      Rogue river, OR
    rafting, June 2-4
      June climbing
    rock climbing, May 30-June 15
      Truckee biking
    various, May
      Fly fishing
    and climbing, May 17/18
      Tioga Pass Opener!
    climbing/skiing, May 3-4
      Tamarack/Rubicon Peak
    skiing, April 26-27
      Tamarack Peak/Castle Peak
    dog skiing, April 5-6
      Easter Fun
    mountain biking/climbing, April 19-20
      Tahoe winter climbing
      Tahoe winter skiing
      Canada ice climbing
    February 15-22
      Coldstream Canyon ICE!
    January 19

    September 22 2013
    December 2013/January 2014
      Coldstream Canyon
    November 23
      Lake Tahoe flight tour
      Big Chief
    November 17
      Lake Marlette/Nova Express
    November 2-3
      Phantom Spires/Mt Judah
    November 9-10
      Eichorn Pinnacle, Crescent Arch
    October 19-20
      Touch and Go, Black Wall
    October 27
      Big Chief, Calaveras Dome
    October 5-6
      Mtn biking, Elephant's Graveyard
    September 14-15
      Pine Creek cragging
    September 1
      Truckee climbing
      Notch Peak, Book of Saturday
    August 10-11
      Cardinal Pinnacle
    August 24-25
      Cardiac Arete, Grand Sentinel
    July 31
      Lake Louise/Golden
    July 30-August 3
    July 25-29
      Idaho & Montana
    July 22-24
      Third Pillar of Dana+++
    July 14
      Patricia Bowl/Dike Wall
    July 6-7
      Needles weekend
    June 8-9
      Hulk (Polish Route), Outguard
    June 22-23
    April 27
      Phantom Spires
    April 28
      Lover's Leap/Squaw
    April 20-21
      Mr Natural/Cookie Cliff
    May 4-5
      Serenity Crack/Beyond Lunacy
    April 6-7
      New Diversions/Lower Cathedral Spire
    April 13-14
      Canadian Ice Climbing
    March 4-9
      Incredible Hulk/Kirkwood skiing
    March 23-24
      Woodfords/Lake Tahoe
    February 2-3
      Big Sur/SLO
    February 17-18
      Joshua Tree
    January 19-21 2013
      Mt Tallac/Lake Tahoe ski
    February 8
    December 2012/January 2013
      Carson Pass/Kirkwood
    January 13

    November 22-25
    November 11
      Cathedral Peak/Church Bowl
    October 20-21
      New Dimensions, Serenity Crack
    October 13-14
      Cookie Cliff, EB of El Cap
    October 6-7
      Hotline, Gripper
    October 13-14
      Positive Vibrations on the Hulk
    September 30
      Lover's Leap/NF American
    September 15-16
    September 1-3
      Dozier Dome/Tuolumne
    September 8-9
      Oz, Crying Time Again
    August 11-12
      Eagle Lake Cliff, Snowshed Wall
    August 18-19
      Beeline on the Hulk
    August 4
      Mammoth rock
    July 28-29
      Alaska vacation
    July 1-22
      Shuteye Ridge
    June 23-24
      Harlequin Dome/Drug Dome
    June 9-10
      Lucky Streaks/Murphy Creek
    June 16-17
      Third Pillar of Dana
    June 2-3
      Snake Hike
    Memorial Day
      Super Slacker Highway
    May 5-6
      Hoodwink/Phobos/Blues Riff
    May 12-13
      Goodrich Pinnacle/Higher Cathedral Spire
    rock climbing
      Beyond Lunacy/Arrowhead Arete
    rock climbing
      Lake Tahoe skiing
    winter various
      Washington D.C.
    not climbing
      Week long ice climbing trip in Canada
    February 24-March 4
      Central Pillar/Kor Beck link-up
    April 8th
      Freeblast and Moratorium
    February 4-5
      Serenity Crack/Sons of Yesterday + various
      Tuolumne Ice & Rock!
    January 7-8 2012
      Joshua Tree
    January 14-16 2012

      Christmas Road Trip
    End of December 2011
      Whiteman Falls/Redman Soars
    December 29
    November 24-27
      Phantom Spires & Sugarloaf
    December 10-11
      The Rostrum
    November 13
      Freeblast (only pitch 1-4)
    November 5
      Eichorn Pinnacle/Valley
    October 22-23
      Halloween in Tahoe
    October 29-30
      Calaveras Dome
    October 8-9
      RNWF of Half Dome
    October 15-16
      Crescent Arch
    October 1
    various, September 24-25
      Positive Vibrations (Hulk)
    rained off, September 10-11
      Jason's party and Alberta Jam
    September 17-18
      Red Dihedral (Hulk)
    August 27-28
      Labour Day in the Sierra
    September 3-5
      Lover's Leap
      Australia travelling
    July 1-24
      Tuolumne Meadows
    June 18-19
      Yosemite, Sugarloaf, Calaveras
      Superslide, East Butt of Middle
    June 12
      Joshua Tree
    May 28-30
      Norway Ice
    January 23-30
      Wildcat (Point Reyes)
    hiking, April 23-24
      Ouray weekend
    January 15-17
      Widow's Tears attempt
    January 9

      Christmas road trip
    December 18 - January 3
      Lee Vining ice
    December 4
      Chico, Grotto, Yosemite
    November 26-28
      East Buttress of El Cap + Kor-Beck
    September 18-19
      Lover's Leap weekend
    October 9-10
    September 4-6
      Traveller Buttress
    August 28
      Courtright Reservoir
    August 14-15
      Patricia Bowl/Ruby Wall
    August 21-22
      Anduril/Matthes Crest
    July 31
      Eichorn Pinnacle
    August 8
      Higher Cathedral Spire
    rock climbing, June 12-13
      South America
    travelling, June 18-July 19
      South Crack/Central Pillar
    rock climbing, June 5-6
      Joshua Tree
    rock climbing, May 29-31
      Yosemite Valley
    Spring collection
    rock climbing, May 8
      Dewey Point, Yosemite
    ski/camping, March 13-14
      Kauai, Hawaii
    random, April 23-25
      Italian Dolomites
    ice climbing, February 7-14
      Carson Pass/Eagle Lake
    various, January 30-31
    rock climbing, January 10
      Tahoe Misc
    skiing, climbing

      Candlestick Maker, Hidden Dragon
    ice climbing, December 27
      Wicked Wanda
    ice climbing, December 30
      Sorcerer/Hydro attempt
    ice climbing, December 20
      Malignant Mushroom
    ice climbing, December 19
      Alabama Hills & other
    rock climbing, November 26-29
      Red Rocks
    rock climbing, December 5-6
      The Needles, CA
    rock climbing, October 30-Nov 1
      Bodie & Sonora Pass
    ghost town, October 25
      West Country, Tuolumne
    climbing, October 24
      Mt Kinabalu
    hiking, October 4-5
      Budd Lake/Echo Peaks
    camping/scramble, September 19
      Kuala Lumpur
    conference/travel, October 6-9
      Cooke Book, Daff Dome
    rock climbing, September 19
      Crescent Arch, Bombs Over Tokyo
    rock climbing, September 20
      OZ, Drug Dome
    rock climbing, August 29
      Lucky Streaks
    rock climbing, August 30
      Fairview Dome, Aqua Knobby
    rock climbing, August 1-2
      American Wet Dream
    rock climbing, August 22
      A month in Africa
    safari, climbing, etc, June 28-July 20
      Serenity Crack, Sons of Yesterday
    rock climbing, June 21
      Royal Arches, Yosemite
    rock climbing, June 13
      Hetch Hetchy
    hiking, June 14
      Rogue River & Umpqua, OR
    river rafting, May 22-25
      East End of Rundle, Canada
    scramble, June 7
      Monterey Bay, CA
    sea kayaking, May 17
      Eagle Lake
    rock climbing, May 17
      Gunks, New York
    rock climbing, May 9-10
      South Lake & Mt Rose
    backcountry skiing, May 2-3
      Carson Pass & Tallac
    backcountry skiing, April 11-12
      Central Pillar, Commitment
    rock climbing, April 18-19
      Whiteman Falls, Canada
    ice climbing, April 1
      Curtain Call, Canada
    ice climbing, April 4
      Lee Vining, CA
    ice climbing, March 7
    ice climbing, March 28
      Cody, WY
    ice climbing, February 16-22 2009
      South Lake Tahoe
    backcountry skiing, February 8 2009
      Mt Shasta
    skiing attempt, January 2009
    rock climbing, February 1 2009
      Revelstoke & Louise Falls
    skiing, climbing, January 2009
      Eagle Lake, CA
    climbing, January 11 2009

      Nemesis, Stanley Headwall
    ice climbing, December 25
      Moonlight, Weeping Wall
    ice climbing, December 27-30
      Nutcracker, Yosemite
    rock climbing, December 7
      Epinephrine, Red Rocks
    rock climbing, November 30
      Zion & Snow Canyon, UT
    rock climbing, November 27-29
    random, November 11-17
      The Needles, CA
    rock climbing, October 25-26
      Reed's Direct, Yosemite
    rock climbing, November 23
      Squamish, Canada
    rock climbing, September 7-13
      SEKI & Needles, CA
    rock climbing, October 11-13
      Matthes Crest
    rock climbing, August 24
      West Crack, Daff Dome
    rock climbing, August 23
      Middle Earth rebolting
    rock climbing, August 9
      Direct NW Face, Lembert Dome
    rock climbing, August 10
      Crying Time Again, Lembert
    rock climbing, July 27
      Aqua Knobby, Pywiack Dome
    rock climbing, August 10
      Red Dihedral, Incredible Hulk
    rock climbing, July 18-20
      Middle Earth, Tuolumne
    rock climbing, July 26
      Phobos, Tuolumne
    rock climbing, July 6
      Patricia Bowl
    rock climbing, July 5
      Psychedelic Tree, Surrealistic P
    rock climbing, June 28
      Mammoth Crest
    rock climbing, July 4
      Fairview Dome (Regular Route)
    rock climbing, June 22
      Roche Miette
    rainy hike, June 11
      Royal Arches
    rock climbing, May 17
      Serenity Crack
    rock climbing, June 1
      Middle Cathedral - East Buttress
    rock climbing, May 3
      Central Pillar of Frenzy (MCR)
    rock climbing, May 10
      Mt Tallac
    bc skiing, April 12
      Castle Peak
    bc skiing, April 19
      Colorado Ice
    ice climbing, February 16-20
      Mt Tamarack
    bc skiing, March 22
    wandering, February 4-6
      Joshua Tree, etc.
    climbing, ~January 20

      Hydrophobia (WI 5+)
    ice climbing, December 30
      Wicked Wanda (WI 4++)
    ice climbing, December 28
      Fang & Fist (WI 5)
    ice climbing, December 22
      The Sorcerer (WI 5)
    ice climbing, December 25
      Holiday Party
    :), December 7
      North Peak (left couloir)
    alpine ice, November 17-18
      Red Rocks (Dark Shadows)
    rock climbing, November 3-4
      Red Rocks Thanksgiving
    rock climbing, November 22-25
      Lovers Leap
    rock climbing, September 29-30
      Labour Day climbing
    rock climbing, September 1-3
      Sir Donald, NW ridge
    alpine climbing, August 1
      Lake Tahoe
    rock climbing, August 2007
      Mt Temple East Ridge
    alpine climbing, July 26
      Mt Assiniboine
    alpine climbing, July 27-29
      Peru, Cordillera Blanca
    alpine climbing, June 9-July 7
      Lake Louise (c2k7)
    rock climbing, May 30
    visiting, May 1-9
      Grassi Lakes
    rock climbing, April 26
      Louise Falls
    ice climbing, March 29
      Professor Falls
    ice climbing, April 5
      Whiteman Falls
    ice climbing, March 17
      Carlsberg Column
    ice climbing, March 18
      Joshua Tree
    rock climbing, February 22-23
      Polar Circus
    ice climbing, March 7
      A Bridge Too Far
    ice climbing, February 14
      Weathering Heights
    ice climbing, February 16
      Kidd Falls
    ice climbing, January 27
      Bourgeau Right-Hand
    ice climbing, January 31
      Green Angel
    ice climbing, January 24
      GBU & Grotto
    chill/ice, January 10-20
      NY 2007 and GBU (WI4), Ghost
    chill/ice, January 1
      Vegas & Red Rocks, Nevada
    chill/rock climbing, January 5-10

      Peanut Gallery (WI 4), Ghost
    ice climbing, December 26
      Guinness Gully (WI 4), Field (BC)
    ice climbing, December 29
      Moonlight (WI 4), Kananaskis
    ice climbing, December 23
      Sunshine (WI 3), Ghost
    ice climbing, December 20
      The Joker (WI 3), Ghost
    ice climbing, November 21
      Grotto Falls, His (WI 4), Grotto
    ice climbing, December 8
      Chicago & UIUC
    travelling, October 23-29
    travelling, October 17-23
      Red Shirt (5.8+), Yamnuska
    rock climbing, September 28
      Western Union (5.8), Yamnuska
    rock climbing, October 10
      Macadamia (5.9), Ghost River
    rock climbing, September 7
      Bonanza (5.8), Ghost River
    rock climbing, September 23
      Gap Mountain, Kananaskis
    scramble, September 10
      Joy Route (5.5), Mt Indefatigable
    rock climbing, September 12
      Brewer Buttress, Castle Mountain
    alpine climbing, September 1
      Consolation, Wully Wall, Ghost River
    trad rock, September 3
      Bugaboos, BC
    alpine climbing, Aug 24-27
      Ha Ling Peak, Canmore, AB
    alpine rock, Aug 21
      Smith Rock, OR
    rock climbing, Aug 17-18
      Various from California
    hiking, climbing, summer 06
      Cathedral Peak, CA
    rock climbing, July 15
      Lake Tahoe area, CA
    rock climbing, August 12-13
      Mt Russell, CA
    scrambling/climbing, July 2-3
      Echo Peaks, Tuolumne, CA
    scrambling/climbing, July 1
      Downieville, CA
    mtn biking, June 10-11
      Lovers Leap, CA
    rock climbing, June 16
      Yosemite, CA
    rock climbing, May 20-21
      Pinnacles, CA
    rock climbing, May 14
      Soquel, CA
    mtn biking, May 7
    mtn biking, Kananaskis, April 8
      Mount Hector
    ski ascent, Icefields, March 17
    Ice climbing, Waiporous, Mar 20
      The Professor Falls
    Ice climbing, Banff, February 21
      Louise Falls
    Ice climbing, Banff, March 6
      Tokumm Pole
    Ice climbing, Banff, February 12
      Cascade Waterfall
    Ice Climbing, Banff, February 8
      Malignant Mushroom
    Ice climbing, S. Ghost, February 1
      Delirium Dive
    lift skiing, Sunshine, February 2
      Valley of the Birds (The Eagle)
    Ice climbing, Ghost, January 18
      Burstall Pass
    skiing, Kananaskis, January 21
      Observation Sub-Peaks attempt
    skiing, Banff, January 4
      ACC Ice Climbing Review 2006
    Ghost Valley, January 7-8

      Helena Ridge winter scramble
    Banff, December 27
      Grotto Canyon ice climbing
    Canmore, December 17
    French Creek ski
    Kananaskis, Dec 21
      Italian Dolomites
    Fiera di Primiero, Nov 7-8
    Rummel Lake ski
    Kananaskis, Nov 19
      The Tower attempt
    Kananaskis, October 23
    v2k5 & OpenCON
    Venice Italy, Oct31-Nov6
      Silvertongue Devil cragging
    The Ghost, October 10
    Keelhaul Wall rock climb
    Bow Valley, October 16
      Mt Chester attempt
    Kananaskis, October 2
    Elbow loop biking
    Kananaskis, October 9
      Eiffel Peak
    Lake Louise, September 25
    President/Vice President attempt
    Yoho, September 17
      Mount Blane NW Ridge
    Kananaskis, September 8
    Mount Lorette South Ridge
    Kananaskis, September 6
      Gusty Peak
    Kananaskis, August 28
    Lyell attempt
    Glacier lake, August 29-30
      Mount Joffre
    Kananaskis, August 20-21
    Kid's goat, August 14
      Tuolumne Meadows climbing
    Yosemite, CA, August 4-8
    Glasgow group traverse
    Kananaskis, July 20-21
      Gap Mountain scramble
    Kananaskis, July 30
    June 23 - July 14, 2005
      Snow and Ice, Mount A2
    Columbia Icefields, June 11-13
    June 17-23, 2005
      Turbine Canyon, Three Isle Lake
    May 30 - June 1 2005
    St Piran, c2k5 hike
    May 25 2005
      Weekend of rock climbing
    May 14-15 2005
    May 21-28 2005
      Juan de Fuca marine trail
    Backpacking, May 7-8 2005
    cansecwest 2005
    May 4-6 2005
      East End of Rundle
    Scramble, March 5 2005
    Toronto/Montreal 2005
    Reading break 2005

      Heart Mountain, Bow Valley
    Scramble/Camp, Dec 5 2004
      Mt Ward, Crowsnest Pass
    Scramble, Oct 3 2004
    Exploring the Crowsnest
    DCTTUS, Oct 1-3 2004
      Elbow Lake + Rae glacier
    Hiking, Sept 24 2004
    Oldman River, Crowsnest
    Stuck, Sept 25-26 2004
      Mt Niblock attempt
    Scrambling, August 29 2004
    Taylor Lake
    Backpacking, Sep 12-13 2004
      Aster Lake, July 2004
    Mt Tyrwhitt and Pocatera
    Scrambling, August 15 2004
      Twin Lakes, 2004
    Fairmont weekend, July 2004
    Mt Brewer scramble
      Turbine Canyon, July 2004
    Montreal, 2004
      Powell River, BC
    Backpacking, Apr 29 - May 5, 2004
    Mt Grotto, Canmore
    Scramble, June 2, 2004

      Aster Lake, Kananaskis AB
    Backpacking, September 11-12
    Assiniboine, BC
    Backpacking, July 25-27
      Vancouver Island, BC
    Backpacking, August 24-31
    Three Isle Lake, Kananaskis
    Backpacking, June
      Crowsness Pass, AB
    Driving/Caves, October 3-5
    Waiporous AB
    Driving, December 28th
      Black Rock Mtn, Ghost area
    Scramble, March 29
    Mt Fortress (Chester Lake)
    Scramble, June 14
      Yoho Valley, BC
    Backpacking, July 12-13
    Glacier Lake, Banff
    Backpacking, June

      Skoki, Banff
    Backpacking, 2002
    Kananaskis misc
    Biking 2002
      Bolivian LandCruisers
      c2k4 Calgary
    OpenBSD hackathon 2004